Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions offers a comprehensive security suite of services comprising four elements of protection for both home and businesses; The Connected and Secure Premises; Technical Surveillance and Countermeasures; Mobile Peace of Mind; and Trusted Hardware Supply. Our security experts assess your needs and will design and deliver a solution that safeguards your business, protects your work personnel and keeps your family safe.

Premises Security

Security doesn't begin and end with the enterprise. In a world of uncertainty, with growing turbulence in many regions, it makes sense to ensure your home and office is safe. 3rd Dimension covers every aspect of domestic and corporate security: Access Control Networking CCTV Parental Monitoring

Trusted Hardware Supply

Buying a new laptop or server from a global vendor isn't always free from risk. There are numerous vulnerable points in the supply chain that can be exploited to place bugs or other security risks. The US National Institute of Standards and Technology has highlighted the lack of visibility and understanding regarding how technology is developed, integrated and deployed, as well as the inherited risks and how to effectively mitigate those risks. However, it remains a largely ignored potential source of risk in corporate environments. To eliminate the possibility of any vulnerability, 3rd Dimension will handle the procurement of all hardware and test it in our validation lab. When it is proven to be free from contamination, we will package it, deliver it and install it onsite.