Managed Security Services

Because digital and electronic networks are by their nature always "on", monitoring potential cyber threats to these networks, systems and the assets linked to them is a 24/7 assignment. While some organisations are in a position to implement their own 24 hour, automated software led or human led cyber surveillance systems, this is neither optimal nor practical for many types of organisations that nevertheless must mitigate these types of risks. To help address this need, 3rd Dimension offers Managed Security Services, an around the clock, remote monitoring, remediation and resolution service that puts the full capabilities and resources of the 3rd Dimension organisation at the service of our MSS teams.

On Premises Security

We live in a world in which information and communication technologies are driving network expansion. A world in which everyone and everything is, or can be, connected. Currently over two billion people are connected to the internet, and this number is set to rise significantly as the 'internet of things' increases the interconnectivity of individuals, devices and appliances. Indeed, US technology firm Cisco predicts that 50 billion internet connected devices will be in use globally by 2020.

Remote Managed Security Services

As part of our work in this area, 3rd Dimension is designing and building a next generation of Remote Managed Security Services to provide remote monitoring, remediation, and incident resolution at an "off premises" location. Our world-class facility complemented by our world class team of cyber security professionals will use our proven and cutting edge Tiered Incident Analysis and Response Process.

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