Governance Risk and Compliance

The purpose behind regulations and standards is to create a rational and objective framework to help organisations address the myriad risks associated with the overwhelmingly complex and continually evolving nature of cyber attacks, threats and exploits. With standards and regulations in place, these objective benchmarks can be used by entities to see if, and where, their existing cyber security posture falls short and take appropriate mitigation actions to address these gaps.

With senior members of our leadership team developing globally recognised national and international standards, 3rd Dimension is uniquely positioned to help customers in this region address all aspects governance, risk and compliance. These services include GRC Platform implementation, compliance and risk management services, and consulting on the development and modification of cyber and electronic threat regulations and standards.

Risk Assessment

With a nuanced understanding of all applicable national and international regulations and standards including the UAE's Information Assurance standards, PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standards, ISO 27001 and 27002, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) 80053, IEC (International Electro technical Commission) 62443 and the ISACA COBIT framework 3rd Dimension works alongside organisations to conduct end to end and top to bottom risk assessments.

By analysing an organisation's existing position against these standards, we help our customers identify potential risks and bring our comprehensive cyber security knowledge to the task of efficiently and effectively mitigating these risks.

Although each assignment is unique given the specifics of each organisation, 3rd Dimension has developed a proprietary GRC risk assessment and mitigation tool that ensures a detailed and comprehensive approach that gives each customer confidence that after each risk assessment exercise, it is in full compliance with all applicable regulations and has optimised its risk posture in light of the latest iterations of relevant international standard.

Our risk mitigation process draws on the broad expertise we have within 3rd Dimension, including Managed Security Services for monitoring controls, Cyber Network Defence Services, Incident Response Services and Secure Communications, and Infrastructure & Systems Integration Services.


Today, the Internet, data systems, cloud services and other virtual environments are all essential to a strong and vibrant economy. Governments and industry specific regulators and authorities can support economic growth and encourage foreign and domestic investment by putting in place rules and regulations that encourages strong and vigilant cyber security postures by all government and private sector actors.

3rd Dimension professionals have first person expertise in developing cyber security regulations in major national jurisdictions and international standards setting entities and bring that expertise to regional governments looking to put regulations in place to protect the vitality of their economies and their critical infrastructure.

More specialised services include developing regulations related to data sovereignty and data classification, and this also extends to working with municipalities looking to create smart city environments. We assist in developing and implementing the critical rules and regulations in areas ranging from data security and authentication to encryption and secure protocols.

We also assist governments and regulators create industry specific technical and cybersecurity related standards in vital sectors such as oil and gas, utilities and other infrastructure, financial services and health care.


Compliance is not a check the box exercise for us at 3rd Dimension, because we leverage the compliance process as an opportunity to identify an organisation's cyber threat weaknesses and implement mitigation strategies that will have a real impact on raising the defence posture through true business level risk mitigation.

Drawing on their previous experience developing global standards and national regulations, our compliance experts understand both the letter and spirit of these criteria, allowing for an efficient and effective process.

Crucially, our compliance teams are comprised of two sets of experts: those with extensive knowledge of standards and regulations, and those with a deep understanding of each client's industry. Our sector experts range from oil and gas, power generation, and telecommunications to health care, transportation and logistics, giving us a clear roadmap of how compliance implementation and risk mitigation will look for each industry and client.

We help both public and private sector entities cross over the compliance hurdle concerning standards such as the OMAN's Information Assurance standards, PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standards, ISO 27001 and 27002, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) 80053, IEC (International Electro technical Commission) 62443 and the ISACA COBIT framework.

Platform Implementation

To help customers address the increasing complexity of the cyber threat environment, overlaid by varying and evolving national and international standards and regulations, 3rd Dimension provides industry leading GRC Platform implementations to enterprise and government customers.

Integrating all key enterprise and regulatory metrics, our GRC Platforms simplify and organise each customer's ongoing compliance and risk mitigation activities. This includes all business processes and data feeds from relevant technologies and covers all parts of the organisation that impact or can be impacted by cyber security issues and cyber threat abatement actions.

Each 3rd Dimension GRC platform implementation is custom made to the specific needs of the customer, incorporating all applicable geography, technology and industry specific standards and regulations.

The key system interface and value added output of each multilayered implementation is a bespoke dashboard designed to the needs of the organisation's operational, risk and compliance decision makers.

With all governance, risk and compliance issues presented in a clear and unified format, people with GRC responsibilities at various levels of the organisation can easily see all key metrics relevant to their roles, in a customised view that presents the information they need for their scope of responsibility. The dynamic nature of the platform incorporates both external changes to the regulatory and standards environment and internal issues that arise that could negatively impact the organisation's compliance and risk mitigation stance.