Consultancy and Advisory

Managed Services

We live in a world in which information and communication technologies are driving network expansion. A world in which everyone and everything is, or can be, connected. Currently over two billion people are connected to the internet, and this number is set to rise significantly as the 'internet of things' increases the interconnectivity of individuals, devices and appliances. Indeed, US technology firm Cisco predicts that 50 billion internet connected devices will be in use globally by 2020.

Advisory & Assessment of Product

We assess security requirements for voice, video and data, both while at rest and in transit. We identify security requirements at the mobile network level, at the IP layer level, and at the overall system level. With this information, we design appropriate end-to-end protocols. We also design and deploy necessary on premise Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and/or managed PKI services through our root certification authority.

Secure Communication Product

Our secure data communication applications cover encrypted voice, instant messaging, email and other in transit data. Our applications run on a hardened operating system and kernel layers, with high security encryption of data at rest, as well as memory and hardware level protection measures. Users can send emails, chat, SMS and use other text based content through simple user interfaces and contact lists. All messages are encrypted end-to-end from sender to receiver.